Caring for the Carers

Unknown years

All Ambulance Headquarters have been contacted to submits names for this Roll of Honour but many records have been lost in the numerous reorganisations and mergers of the Services over the years and especially for pre-1974.

Our sincere gratitude goes to the many Retirement Associations who willingly helped in this project and submitted these names which should rightly be on the appropriate year lists even though we have not been able identify them.

We believe the records need to be correct to honour their memories, for their families and to maintain accurate historical records. If you can put a year to any of them we would be delighted to hear from you, thank you.


Surname Forename Dates Service
Airey Alan (not known) Teeside
Allcock Donald East Midlands
Allen David Nottinghamshire
Allen Ken East Midlands
Allen Raymond Gt Manchester
Anderson Bryan Humberside
Ashley Mrs Shropshire
Aston Jim Shropshire
Bagnal John Staffordshire
Barber Derek Gt Manchester
Beasley Peter East Midlands
Bains Jim East Midlands
Baker Fred East Midlands
Ball Ivor Derbyshire
Bannister Gerry East Midlands
Barber Graham K Gt Manchester
Bateman Peter East Midlands
Bedford Tom East Midlands
Bennett Jim West Midlands
Bentley Graham East Midlands
Birchall Don Bedford
Boswell Donald West Midlands
Bowen Carol Shropshire
Branton Albert Humberside
Bratt Stanley Dudley CBC
Broom Ray Shropshire
Brown David Derbyshire
Burgess Bill Shropshire
Burley Brian Humberside
Bull Douglas Kent
Carter Maurice Durham
Cavanagh Peter Staffordshire
Caudwell Jock East Midlands
Caulcott Tom Shropshire
Chapman Arthur Humberside
Chesser Ray Warwickshire
Chidwick Raymond Kent
Childs ?? Shropshire
Chilton George Shropshire
Cocksidge Jack Shropshire
Cooper Dave Shropshire
Cowley Beattie Shropshire
Cowley Ron Shropshire
Crofts Harold Nottingham City
Crump Tom Shropshire
Daykin Alan Shropshire
Davis Anne B Gt Manchester
Davies Bob Shropshire
Davies George Shropshire
Davies Wally Shropshire
Devey Cas Shropshire
Davey Harold Shropshire
Devey Reg Shropshire
Dew Martin Mid Glamorgan
Dodd Peter Derbyshire
Dolby Jack East Midlands
Donnelly Don Shropshire
Doran John Gt Manchester
Durose Wally Shropshire
East Arnold Shropshire
Edenbrow Jack Nottingham City
Edenbrow Terry Nottingham City
Ellington Fred Dudley CBC
Ferrar Brian East Midlands
Ford Roger East Midlands
Francis Jean Shropshire
Galley Harry Shropshire
Goddard Tom Shropshire
Gregory Keith Humberside
Grieves Brucw East Midlands
Haines Raymond Mid Glamorgan
Hallam Thomas East Midlands
Hall Albert Cheshire
Halls Mike Essex
Harden Jim Kent
Hardman David Lancashire
Harper Roland Shropshire
Harris Lucy Shropshire
Harrison Chuck Nottinghamshire
Harrod Jim East Midlands
Hatcher Robert Dorset
Hatton Winnie Shropshire
Hayes Walter West Midlands
Heald Mr Kent
Hennesey N Nottinghamshire
Hickson John East Midlands
Hill Vincent D Gt Manchester
Hollings John East Midlands
Holmes J Nottinghamshire
Hopkins Hubert Mid Glamorgan
Horne Charlie Warwickshire
Hrycyk John East Midlands
Hughes Frank Shropshire
Hughes Jane Shropshire
Humphries Brian Warwickshire
Huntingdon-Davies Joy Shropshire
Hymas A Nottinghamshire
Ibbs Christine Shropshire
Ivory John Gt Manchester
Jarvis George Shropshire
Jeffcote Andrew East Midlands
Jones Bill Shropshire
Jones Ernest Gt Manchester
Jones Frank Shropshire
Jones George Shropshire
Jones John Lancashire
Keay Derek Surrey
Kelly Jock East Midlands
Kelly Mike Humberside
Kemp Eddie Nottingham City
Kenyon Alex East Midlands
Kerry Leslie East Midlands
Kindred Peter Gt Manchester
Lancaster C Dorset
Lane Barry Dorset
Langin Mary F Gt Manchester
Lawrence O Nottingham City
Lawrence R Nottingham City
Lawton Harold Shropshire
Lewis Charlie Shropshire
Lewis Jim Shropshire
Lewington George East Midlands
Livesey Andrew K Gt Manchester
Luckcraft G Nottingham City
Malkin Andy Staffordshire
Manning Albert Humberside
Marsh Eric West Midlands
Martinson Peter Humberside
Mather John Derbyshire
Mayo Ken Dorset
McLean Charlie East Midlands
McCarthy Joe Lancashire
Medlicott Graham Shropshire
Mees Malcolm Dudley CBC
Meighan Leslie Durham
Millard Les East Midlands
Milner George Shropshire
Monk Maureen East Midlands
Moor Cliff Humberside
Morgan Flo Shropshire
Morgan Margaret Shropshire
Mogan Joe Merseyside
Morley Tom East Midlands
Morris Dave Humberside
Morris Len Shropshire
Morris Mollie Shropshire
Mosforth Dennis Shropshire
Moskywethn Adam East Midlands
Mullen James Durham
Neal Harry (1980s) East Sussex
Nash-Smith Keith East Midlands
Nicholls John East Midlands
Noble Keith East Midlands
Orange Brian Humberside
Orange D Nottinghamshire
Orridge Roy Nottinghamshire
OSullivan Terry Kent
Page Mary Shropshire
Parsons Ken Shropshire
Penny Ronald Mid Glamorgan
Pickering Arthur Shropshire
Pinchbeck Eric Humberside
Plant Don Shropshire
Plummer Jack East Midlands
Price Steve Shropshire
Prigg David Staffordshire
Provis Melvin Mid Glamorgan
Pugh Jeanette Gt Manchester
Rennie Dorothy Shropshire
Rennie Walter Shropshire
Revill Thomas Nottinghamshire
Rhoden Ronald Staffordshire
Riley Bert Shropshire
Rogers Harry Shropshire
Rose John Nottinghamshire
Roza Stephen Shropshire
Rushford Joe East Midlands
Russel Gail East Midlands
Ryan John Dorset
Sadler Gordon East Midlands
Sauage Jack East Midlands
Scriven Dan Dudley CBC
Scott Harold West Midlands
Shale Bernard East Midlands
Shaw Sandie Shropshire
Sheil Christopher J Gt Manchester
Shelton Francis East Midlands
Shepherdson Norman Humberside
Sime George Cheshire
Simpson Harry Humberside
Sinclair Don Shropshire
Smith Graham Nottinghamshire
Smith George Humberside
Smith Wayne Nottingham City
South Arthur East Midlands
South Muriel East Midlands
Staker Peter Essex
Stanering Peter Derbyshire
Steenson Willaim East Midlands
Strong Harold Westcountry
Surfield Keith Mid Glamorgan
Sutton Eric Gt Manchester
Sutton Eve East Midlands
Tattersall John Gt Manchester
Taylor Gordon Gt Manchester
Taylor Rod Humberside
Teanby John Humberside
Thomas Dick Warwickshire
Tilley Jack Shropshire
Towle Peter East Midlands
Tuck Raymond Mid Glamorgan
Turner Paul West Midlands
Turvey Jack East Midlands
Vaughan Harold Shropshire
Vickers Paul A Gt Manchester
Wall Wilfred Gt Manchester
Walker John R Gt Manchester
Walker Walter Shropshire
Walters Howard Staffordshire
Ward Martin Shropshire
Waterfall Don East Midlands
Watkinson Goerge Humberside
Watmough Frank Gt Manchester
Watson Peter East Midlands
Wear Percy Shropshire
Wear Sid Shropshire
Wellens Ronald W Gt Manchester
Westwood Marianne Dorset
Wheelan Alfred West Midlands
Whitmore Joe Nottingham City
Whittle Bessie Shropshire
Whyler Dennis Nottinghamshire
Wiggins David East Midlands
Wilkinson Terry East Midlands
Wilkinson Trevor East Midlands
Williams Alfred Dudley CBC
Williams John Shropshire
Wilson Chick Kent
Wilson Leslie. A Humberside
Woolard J East Sussex
Woolley Dennis East Midlands
Woolley Nicholas East Midlands
Worsdell Eric Shropshire
Wright Tony Shropshire
Wynstanley Mr Shropshire